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Solving the Medicare maze

Susan Lane is pleased to announce that she has partnered with Medicareful to assist her clients with their Medicare health care needs.

What is Medicare?

Understanding Medicare benefits should be simple. We broke down Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D, so you can spend less time figuring it out and more time living your life.

About Susan Lane


Choosing a Medicare health plan can be confusing but it doesn't have to be!! Susan Lane has been helping Medicare beneficiaries find the right plan that works with their needs, their doctors, prescriptions and their budget since 2002.

Now more than ever, navigating through all the Medicare plans can be overwhelming. There are new products that may reduce your Part B premium or reduce insulin costs. Some plans may provide transportation and meal delivery, as well as dental, vision, and hearing benefits. Susan is extremely knowledgeable on all new 2022 products and can help you quickly find a plan that meets your needs.

How can Susan assist?

Susan can work with you, personally, or with your retirees and/or employees for Medicare. She can assist you with general Medicare questions, explain your available options, analyze costs and benefits, recommend a plan that meets your needs and suits your budget, and covers your doctors and hospitals.

Getting connected with Susan is easy. Click on "Schedule an Appointment", complete the form and Susan will reach out to you to schedule a day, time, and location that’s convenient for you. She can assist you either over the phone or in person!


Not ready? Feel free to "Window Shop"

Click on "Window Shop" to view Medicare Plans that might be available. At any time you can click any "Contact" link to request your appointment with Susan Lane!